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Soil Amendment & Lime Treatment

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A low soil pH or acidic soil could be the cause of underlying lawn conditions. Often, a telltale sign is the light green color of the grass. Soil naturally becomes acidic over time and is quite common in this area based on the presence of oak and pine trees in our region.  The soil pH rating of your lawn is one of the keys in keeping your turf healthy and beautiful.  

Lime Treatment Benefits

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Acidic soil (low pH) makes it difficult for grass to take in necessary nutrients and therefore decreases the effects of fertilizing. However, even healthy, green, lush lawns could have pH levels lower than ideal and a Lawn Amendment treatment of Lime could further improve your lawn's health & appearance. Everything about grass is better if your soils's pH level is correct! Grass will be greener; weeds will die easier; water absorbs better!

Simply The Best Lawns can provide a soil test upon request to determine if a Lime Treatment is necessary for your home or property. A Lime Application helps to neutralize acidic soil, which then allows the grass plants to better process nutrients. Keeping everything in its proper balance and providing you with Simply The Best Lawn.

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You're going to love your lawn and we guarantee it. If you are not fully satisfied with the service provided under your program, we will return to make it right - no charge. If we can't get it right, we will promptly refund payment from your last treatment - It's that simple.

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