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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can ruin outdoor activities and are known to carry and transmit diseases.
Our program is designed to let you enjoy your
lawn and patio areas again.

Why Choose Simply The Best For Mosquito Control?

We at Simply The Best wish to provide you with worry-free service. When our mosquito experts come to your house, they ring your doorbell to let you know they have arrived. If you have any questions, our specialists will be more than happy to go over them with you. Otherwise, sit back and relax in the comfort of your home, while our professionals inspect your property. Following inspection, our team administers a treatment catered to your property.

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Mosquito Control Program

Our specialized equipment controls mosquitoes by targeting harborage areas where they live and breed. Each treatment provides month-long protection and helps protect against Zika, West Nile Virus and other known harmful diseases. Our program typically starts in April and runs through October. Get started and reclaim your outdoor living space today!

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Our 2-Stage Contact and Repellent approach not only controls existing mosquitoes, but keeps your yard free of mosquitoes for a full 30 days.


Does mosquito service work?

The short answer is yes. When a custom mosquito treatment is done by one of our professionals, it will kill the existing adult population of mosquitoes on your property and eliminate the larvae.

2 Caveats -

The weather can reduce the effective time of a treatment when it doesn't cooperate (If you hire Simply we will retreat for free when this happens).

No company can guarantee 100% mosquito elimination. The goal is to drastically reduce the population of mosquitoes so that you can enjoy your backyard again.

How does it work?

Simply treats the property with a synthetic version of Pyrethrins. These are derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Pyrethrins are lethal to mosquitoes plus a few other undesirables like fleas and ticks. Once it dries however (45 minutes to an hour), it doesn't have any effect on us humans. This combination makes it perfect for mosquito control in a residential environment.

Is it safe for pets?

Yes, we just ask you to keep pets out of the treated area for about 1 hour while the treatment dries. 

Help me, I'm still worried!

No problem. We treat only the perimeter of the property and foliage. We do not treat the lawn. We never treat flowers, flowering bushes, vegetable gardens or fruit trees.

Added Bonus:

This treatment will have the added benefit of reducing fleas and ticks from your yard as well.

Event Mosquito Control

We can also provide a single mosquito control application just prior to a special event such as a graduation party. Rather than huddling around citronella candles, your guests will enjoy the outdoors. No more mosquitoes!

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Call us today to protect your friends, your family, and yourself from mosquito bites!

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