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Grub & Insect Control

Has your lawn begun turning brown in areas? Have you come across silken tunnels in the thatch? Or can you lift up areas of turf with your hands? If so, you may have a grub or insect problem.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should contact us immediately. Our team of experts possesses the entomological knowledge necessary to determine the root cause of damage. After assessing the situation, our specialists select the most appropriate treatment for the specific problem at hand.

As you will read below, timing is of the essence; a grub or insect problem can quickly get out of hand.

Grub Control

Grubs are the white larvae of scarab beetles, such as June bugs and Japanese beetles. To fully develop, they chew on roots, preventing your grass from taking up nutrients. As a result, large dead patches will appear in the turf. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, raccoons, opossums, moles, and skunks will dig up your grass to snack on them.

Grubs below ground

We at Simply The Best Lawns provide season long protection to rid your lawn of these root devouring pests. Timing is critical, and we have the know-how. Eggs are laid in early summer and hatch in July-August, allowing the hungry young grubs to wreak havoc on your lawn. At Simply The Best Lawns, we know how to put a stop to them.

Grub Worm Treatment

Prevention is key. To ensure that grubs never come back, we offer season long grub protection. Lawns that have experienced grub problems in the past should strongly consider this annual service. All homeowners, however, would benefit from season long grub protection, since a damaged lawn ends up costing more than grub protection. In addition, this service will help control other insects present at time of application.

Season long protection

Lawn Insect Control

Destructive surface insects like armyworms and sod webworms are the larvae of moths. If left unchecked, these voracious eaters can do damage quickly. If you want to keep your lawn green and healthy, these insects need to be controlled. In general, several treatments per year are needed.

Our Guarantee

So that you can rest assured , we back our grub protection with a one-of-a-kind warranty:
If grubs do damage your lawn, we will reseed damaged areas at no charge!
We can provide such an outstanding guarantee because we are 100% confident we will end your grub problem.
Call Simply The Best Lawns and ask about our season long grub protection program!

Family on lawn

Call Simply The Best Lawns and ask about our season long grub protection program!

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